‘It’s up to the construction companies to train their people’

04 February 2015

One of the biggest challenges in the cement and concrete industry is the upskilling of existing employees as well as meeting governments’ requirements of recruiting local unskilled labour at local construction sites.

Group Five has taken on this challenge by setting up an academy to meet these demands. The academy has to date proven very successful and has been in place for eight years.

Concrete.TV speaks to Hans Rossocha, General Manager of Engineering, who provides the group’s construction business units with technical assistance when it comes to unique structural and civil mechanical and electrical engineering requirements.

Rossocha says: “The training will result in better concrete production, less rework, less wastage of concrete and hopefully less rejects by clients. “

This year the academy is training their senior engineers, foremen as well as their general labour in concrete and cement production and manufacture on their sides.
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[‘It’s up to the construction companies to train their people’ ]

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