Murray & Roberts develops zero percent cement concrete

22 October 2013

“As a result of this video produced by Concrete.TV – our technology has been exposed beyond the borders of South Africa, into Africa and the rest of the world, allowing us to gain maximum exposure and new business”, Cyril Attwell from Murray & Robert’s Concrete Centre of Excellence says. 

Murray & Roberts, one of the largest SA contractors recruited Concrete.TV to film a video showcasing ground-breaking work in the concrete industry.

Here’s how it all started: 

High production costs of concrete in combination with the high CO2 footprint of cement has instigated the research, development and application of concrete utilizing by-products and wastes as partial or entire binder replacements.

Due to the Murray & Roberts’ constant pursuit of innovation and sustainability, the geopolymer concept was driven strongly as the balance between environment, social consciousness and economics.

The use and removal of waste/by-products for the benefit of communities and the environment is understandable, the more difficult issue of economical feasibility was the challenge to overcome.

Through research and development Murray & Roberts have overcome these hurdles, and the geopolymer concept is beginning to reach fruition.

Geopolymer concrete is the first goal to be realized; with applications in the mining, precast and road industries near to fulfilment.

Since the historical applications from the Egyptian and Mayan pyramids to more recent structural applications at the University of Queensland’s Global Change Institute, geopolymer concrete or 0% cement concrete is evolving as an alternative structural building material to conventional concrete.

Geopolymer concrete has the standard beneficial properties of conventional concrete blended with the control mechanisms of resin-based materials while reducing by-product and waste materials that are increasing in quantities far beyond current needs across all industries.

Additional benefits surmounting conventional concrete’s limitations can be engineered into the geopolymer such as thermal shock resistance for smelters, additional bond strength for shotcrete applications, acid-resistance for high durability waste water treatment works and/or air-curing for convenience.

These applications enhance Murray & Roberts’ core values of Care, Integrity, Respect, Accountability and Commitment while aligning to our business principles of being South Africa’s leading engineering, contracting and construction services company that subscribes to good corporate governance, good corporate citizenship and ethical business practices.

The extended use of these by-products and wastes has also been a personal goal for the past 15 years with the incorporation of ARC technology to extend conventional concretes up to 85% with by-products to enhance durability and strength while reducing the massive impact of the construction industry on the environment.

About Murray and Roberts

Murray & Roberts is one of South Africa’s leading engineering, contracting and construction services company. It has created employment, developed skills, applied technology and delivered infrastructure throughout South and Southern Africa.

The company offers civil, mechanical, electrical, mining and process engineering; general building, construction and infrastructure development services in the global underground mining market and selected emerging markets in the natural resources and infrastructure sectors.

Murray & Roberts operates in Southern Africa, Middle East, Southeast Asia, Australasia and North and South America. The company is based in Johannesburg South Africa, where it has a public listing on the JSE Limited. It has principle offices in Australia, Botswana, Canada, Namibia and United Arab Emirates.

Murray & Roberts is a group of world-class companies and brands aligned to the same purpose and vision, and guided by the same set of values.
The Concrete Centre of Excellence aims to enhance our competitiveness in the way in which concrete is used across the Murray & Roberts companies.

This Centre of Excellence specifically focuses on enhancing competitive advantage through practical advanced concrete technology and coordinating the development of competence in specialist applications.

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