‘No free houses’ – Namibia’s ambitious affordable housing plans

19 November 2014

Vinson Hailulu, Chief Executive Officer, National Housing Enterprise, Namibia tells Concrete.TV about the National Housing Enterprise’s grand plans of building 180 000 houses by 2030. The housing enterprise was asked by the government to put a programme together to help deliver housing on a mass scale. The way the programme is going to run is by phases. The first phase is currently running and will run until the end of next year. This phase consists of 10 000 houses.

Hailulu says: “The timelines are quite tight but achievable because we have the capacity to deliver. At the end of the day, there will be an anticipated 185 000 houses completed. It is the biggest development initiative that has been implemented by government since Namibia’s independence. “

No free housing

Vinson goes on to share his insights into the programme, as well as the governments plans for no free housing, however, there will be some houses subsidised depending on the level of income people will qualify for. This in turn brings an element of responsibility and ownership for the beneficiary.

The National Housing Enterprise (NHE) is a state-owned company of the Government of the Republic of Namibia under the Ministry of Regional and Local Government, Housing and Rural Development (MRLGHD). Its core business is providing housing needs to low and middle income inhabitants of Namibia.

This interview was conducted at the African Union for Housing Finance event, hosted in Cape Town, South Africa. For more information on the event, please go to:

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[‘No free houses’ – Namibia’s ambitious affordable housing programme]

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