‘Private sector is a key component to transforming a city’

04 August 2015

Concrete.TV interviewed Rashiq Fataar, Founder of Our Future Cities NPO, to discuss the urban development, design and spaces within the city of Cape Town. Fataar says “The private sector is a key component to transforming a city and delivering large scale urban transformation”. It is essential that the private sector needs to collaborate more sensibly with the council and government by collaborating to improve public spaces in a city.

One of Our Future’s Cities major focus areas and programme this year is their young urbanists program – which is focused on bridging the gap between the urban development and construction sectors amongst others.  This ultimately can transform a city into a more “liveable” and sustainable city.

Our Future Cities NPO is an independent non- profit organisation committed to building a democracy around the future of cities. The network is made up of Future Cape Town, which is the founding movement and base, along with Future Johannesburg, Future Lagos and Future London.

Our Future Cities aims to:

–          create platforms for dialogue and action about the future of cities

–          inspiring people to become active citizens

–          promote the city to citizen engagement

–          empower young people in the area of urbanism

–          build a voice for more liveable, inclusive and sustainable cities

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[Private sector is a key component to transforming a city [construction]]

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