Reduce costs on concrete repairs

05 May 2015

Concrete.TV interviewed Associate Professor, Hans Beushausen from the University of Cape Town on the issue of rehabilitation of concrete. He feels that very often there is a lack of quality control on site as well as owners waiting for a very long time to actually conduct the repairs, by which time it becomes an expensive exercise.

Most companies will spend more money on concrete repair and rehabilitation than they will on building new buildings. Concrete itself is a durable material, however, if you bring steel into the equation – being a corrosive material, this is where some issues may come about.

If one was to ensure a proper maintenance schedule was in place, say go out every five years or so, test the condition of the structure, one could quite easily implement repair techniques which would then prevent major damage.

Watch the video for a demonstration on concrete which has been affected by corrosion.

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[More money spent on concrete repair than newbuilds [construction]]

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