Setting up batching plants in remote areas

01 July 2015

Concrete.TV recently interviewed Victor Carr, an expert on batching plants, who shares his views on how to effectively set up batching plants in remote areas.

Car states that “the biggest concern surrounding the issue of setting up a batching plant lies with the aggregate, sand and the delivery of cement together with the change of source of the aggregate which influences the concrete negatively”.

When the product is not consistent it may lead to shrinkage and expansion ultimately causes cracking. This will than result in an increase of mixed designs and costly in the long term. Carr advises that before setting up any batching plant component it is crucial to have a competent site lab system in place in conjunction with the sampling and testing of various aggregate sources.

Setting up a batching plant requires the careful planning of stock pile areas, which should be on slanted concrete slabs to allow easy access of transport from the stock pile to the batching plant. To establish consistent proportioning of cement, aggregate and water it requires thorough testing of moisture content and degrading. 

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