Multiple silos a walk in the park for Amsteele’s post-tensioning flooring systems

01 April 2015

Amsteele Systems is a specialist Post-tensioning company in operation since 1969, licensed to two renowned pre-stressing companies, namely CCL stressing systems from the UK and Dywidag Systems International (DSI) from Germany.

Amsteele offers a variety of specialist products and services, such as post-tensioning systems for building and civil applications, high strength bar products, reinforcing couplers, heavy lifting and incremental bridge launching services as well as cable stay and geotechnical systems

Amsteele recently formed a JV company with Chris Howes construction, one of the leading specialist flooring contractors in the country, with the aim of providing package solutions to the market for the construction of Post-Tensioned concrete pavements. This method have provided many developers and clients across the globe with a cost effective, joint less concrete pavement solution for more than 40 years

One of the biggest benefits of this robust form of ground slab construction is the elimination of movement joints.

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