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01 October 2014

PMSA welcomed industry members to a specialised industry-specific seminar for the curing of concrete precast – brick, block, paver, roof tile, piping, pre-stress, structural precast, panels and concrete elements. The seminar was presented by industry leaders Kraft Curing Systems, Mr. Michael Kraft, Managing Director of, Kraft Curing Systems GmbH, Germany.

KRAFT Curing System specialises in custom-made curing solutions that deal with typical challenges of precast concrete production, improving product properties while saving cement and speeding up production cycles.

Concrete is the foundation of modern society. For over 25 years KRAFT has promoted controlled concrete curing in order to improve the characteristics that make precast concrete structures and products better: strength, durability and aesthetics. Whether a concrete pipe buried in the ground, a prestress concrete bridge over water or concrete block and pavers in a shopping area, worldwide concrete curing specialist KRAFT Curing Systems is dedicated to making these products stronger, more durable and more aesthetically pleasing while saving the producers time and money; Kraft are Industry leaders.

The seminar covered:
1. Company and Industry background
2. Principles of curing and chemistry of concrete hardening
3. Difference between a racking systems and a curing systems
4. Steam Generators – Principles and different methods of steam generation; gas, electric & coal
5. Curing solutions for: Block, Pavers, Roof tiles, Cast and Manufactured Stone
6. Curing solutions for: Pipe and Associated Water Management Precast
7. Curing solutions for: Pre-stress Elements, Structural Precast and Panels
8. Trends in Europe and USA with curing

About Pan Mixers SA
Pan Mixers SA is a leading manufacturer of a wide range of concrete block, brick and paving machinery, turbine and counter-current pan mixers and batching plants for the Concrete, Refractory and Ceramic industries. Pan Mixers have been servicing the needs of local and overseas customers since 1976. PMSA brick-making machinery, in the Johannesburg area alone, produces 2 000 000 bricks per day.

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