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07 May 2014

PMSA together with Wil El Mil recently held a seminar presented by industry wet pressing equipment manufacturers Wil El Mil by Mr. Tim Lodge, from Wil El Mil, United Kingdom. The Wil El Mil Wet Pressing system is renowned for high quality, high volume and low cost concrete kerb and slab production solutions.

The Wil El Mil company has over 40 years of international experience in development of high capacity fully automated wet-pressing plants for the concrete industry.

The Wil El Mil seminar focused on:
a) Background to the wet pressing machinery and industry (historic and present situation)
b) Flexibility of the machinery, such as 1 mould can do several concrete kerb figures with small changes.
c) Wet pressed vs. wet cast kerb production differences and challenges faced.
d) Strength of wet pressed concrete kerbs vs. other casting methods.
e) Life of machinery and moulds.
f) Cost saving due to low Water: Cement ratio resulting in low cement contents with wet pressing machinery.
g) Versatility of machinery not only producing kerbs.
h) International trends.
i) Different machinery options 1-Stage (up to 800 kerbs per 9-hours), 3-Stage (up to 1,400 kerbs per 9-hours).
j) Countries using the technology locally (Southern Africa) and abroad
k) The market potential

For general information or for specific information on Wil El Mil, visit or

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