Totally Construction Review 35

18 December 2013

TCR 35 – Highlights of the Year 2013

Transforming 24 floors into living, breathing space
Dorp Street in in the CBD of Cape Town has been under refurbishment for the past 18 months. Concrete.TV visited the site to investigate how this facelift has progressed. Watch this video here.

Maboneng Precinct – “the place of light”
Maboneng Precinct, the latest showcase for inner-city rejuvenation is being developed by Propertuity to redesign old factory buildings into new retail and entertainment spaces. Watch this video here.

Justice Malala interrogates striking in the industry
Political commentator Justice Malala unpacks the challenges facing the construction industry specifically around the issue of strikes and their impact on construction companies. Watch this video here.

Sundays River Bridge in PE
The bridge over the Sunday River is undergoing a significant expansion process that has faced a number of challenges along the way – including that of installing the pilings into a thick layer of boulder. After a 2 million rand mistake a solution was eventually found, but then there was the challenge of installing the 16 ton beams in place…find out how the engineers solved these problems, by watching Bridge over the Sunday River. Watch this video here.

0% cement concrete – M&R geopolymer concrete a South African first!!
High production costs of concrete in combination with the high CO2 footprint of cement has instigated the research, development and application of concrete utilizing by-products and wastes as partial or entire binder replacements. Through research and development Murray & Roberts have overcome these hurdles, and the geopolymer concept is beginning to reach fruition. Watch this video here.

52 concrete boats – 1 aim: DO NOT SINK!
Annual Concrete Society of Southern Africa’s Boat Race Competition is the highlight for the students from the various tertiary education institutions’ built environment departments. It brings together members that constitute the Concrete Society and serves to introduce the students to the cement and concrete industry in a fun atmosphere. Watch this video here.

No.1 Silo at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town
No. 1 Silo is the latest development to take place at Cape Town’s V&A Waterfront. The R 800 million development, which is aiming to achieve a 5 star Green Building Rating, has had to work under strict heritage guidelines; has faced the challenge of building under water and even found an ancient wreck buried deep underground whilst digging the foundations. Watch this video here.

Stutgart 21 – going underground in Germany
A 6,5 billion Euro development is underway in Stuttgart in Germany. This infrastructure project, which is the largest in the country, will consist of taking most of the cities train system underground; creating a through station at the main terminal and 3 new stations. Watch this video here.

Buildings that get better with time
Too many buildings look impressive when handed over to the client, but become a liability once they get older. With their nature-inspired approach, StudioMAS Architects want to challenge our notion of beauty by not covering up cracks and imperfections but rather integrated them into their design. We visited Tramways on Trafalgar in Woodstock, a vibey but still rough area of Cape Town where StudioMAS newest project is to transform an old factory hall into several offices, spaces and a public square with character. Watch this video here.

Totally Construction Review 35

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