Tracking the African future

02 July 2014

Listen to Daniel Silke’s presentation about the interest and unique window of opportunity that Africa presents us.  We are at historic times for Africa – and for all sorts of uncertainties and would like to present some good opportunities.

Daniel sets the scene of where we have come from and where we are now, in South Africa and Africa.

Following the European financial meltdowns – it has represented a substantial mind shift in terms of where business contracts are now located. Taking the picture to now – emerging economies of the world are growing steadily with 6.1% in sub Saharan Africa.

Achieving policy clarity (and NDP implementation) is now the central challenge for the ANC – along with fighting corruption, crony capitalism and factionalism. We urgently need policy clarity in South Africa. We need to encourage private sector to get involved.

Our biggest challenge in South Africa has been the lagging growth and this cannot continue – we have to upgrade our growth.

We have seen growth in Africa in the last decade, it’s a big continent with diverse languages and cultures. Very easy to paint Africa with one big brush. But we need to be mindful that one good thing may not work in another area. It’s a very complex environment, with complex set of advantages to disadvantages.

In a nutshell though – Africa’s economies are no longer small – we have gone from the “small countries” – and now it’s the King group of countries and there is an excitement in Africa.

Watch part 2 of Daniel’s presentation also on Youtube.

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