Why the hype around infrastructure development in Africa?

11 February 2015

We interview Jonathan Cawood, Partner at PwC on the release of their report on trends and ongoing challenges of infrastructure and projects in in the East, Southern and West Africa and why there is so much hype surrounding the infrastructure spend and challenges. 

PwC recently completed two pieces of work to understand the state of infrastructure spend globally and within Africa. The study was undertaken with over 95 players in the infrastructure sector such as owners, funders, property developers and construction companies.

From the report, it has become clear that infrastructure spend will move from over $4trillion to over $9trillion globally – bringing this to an African market as part of emerging markets, the spend is expected to go from $70bn to $180bn to 2025.

The research shows that the two dominant markets are South Africa and Nigeria. The clear sectors making up this trend are transport and logistics. One of the dominant areas of concern were access to funding.

With thanks to PwC for taking the time to conduct the interview with Concrete.TV .
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[Trends, challenges and outlook of infrastructure development in Africa]

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