Waterproofing the impossible from the underside

02 July 2014

Finally a cost effective subterranean waterproofing solution provided by Sanika Waterproofing using Kryton’s Krystol technology.

Historically subterranean waterproofing has been considered expensive and sometimes insurmountable due to the necessary excavations, renovations, time delays, disruptiveness to clients and tenants and extreme costs associated with this type of waterproofing.

Sanika now offer a cost effective minimally invasive solution for subterranean waterproofing using Kryton’s Krystol technology form the underside eliminating the need to excavate and remove above surface applications such as paving, tarring, gardens, tiling etc.

This unique approach can be used in various projects including: Parking garages, basements, tunnels, water pipes and containment structures to name a few.

Sanika has successfully completed several subterranean projects at a fraction of the time and cost including:

1.) Info-tech Building, Arcadia, Pretoria
2.) Sandton Close, Sandton
3.) SAB Miller entrance tunnel and Liberty Properties parking garage, Braamfontein

All of these projects presented with severe waterproofing issues and water ingress resulting in cosmetic and structural damage.

Urgent repairs and a permanent waterproofing solution was required for these projects however due to the extreme costs involved by utilising conventional waterproofing methods Sanika was awarded the projects to provide a complete concrete waterproofing solutions using the world renowned Kryton products. Sanika have successfully completed these projects to client’s satisfaction.

For more information or copies of the full case studies for the projects please contact [email protected]

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