ZAMREAL Summit to Promote Zambian Property Investment

20 September 2016

Zambia is one of the most accessible and investor-friendly countries in which to conduct real estate business in Sub-Saharan Africa. Despite the commodity slump and uncertainty surrounding the recently held elections, there has been substantial growth in real estate investment from both local and regional investors.

One sector that has received special attention is the retail sector, with Zambia having one of the highest formal retail penetration rates in Africa. The ZamReal Property Forum (, being held on September 28th at the Radisson Blu, Lusaka will bring together local and regional property stakeholders in the most beneficial forum to date – key topics and sectors to be covered will include: The business of real estate in Zambia, Retail Opportunities, logistics, housing, infrastructure as well as discussions surrounding the growing commercial office sector.  

‘The country’s liberalised economy and well developed legal framework set Zambia apart from its neighbours. The forum will be an excellent opportunity for investors to have a first experience of the Zambian retail market and for the country to market itself and attract foreign direct investment into the sector.’ Mpangwe Mutwale, Commercial Property Finance Specialist, First National Bank, Zambia. 

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