Geoplast S.p.A. provide ultimate innovation in the building industry

01 September 2015

Geoplast S.p.A. provides the formwork for ventilated foundations, which was one of the most important innovations in the building industry. Today the company is a leading industrial group in the production of plastic products. It is structured in 7 different departments, to each of which specific skills, resources and investments in R&D are dedicated: Construction, Formwork, Slabs, Water, Green, Sport and Environment.

The company facilities are situated in three plants covering a total surface of 40.000 m², 10.000 m² of which are under cover. There are 25 manufacturing lines: 2 regeneration lines and 21 high-tonnage injection-moulding presses with capacity from 700 tons to 3500 tons clamp force, and injection capacity of up to 61 kg. With a production throughput capacity of over 25.000 tons of transformed plastic material and over 20 million parts produced per year, Geoplast is among the most important companies in the industry.

In its 40 years of activity Geoplast S.p.A. followed a path of constant growth, enthusiasm, insights and evolution. This successful journey began in 1974, when the Pegoraro family established a business dealing with the regeneration of low- and high-density polyethylene and polypropylene.
Their entrepreneurial drive and uprightness in running the business have greatly contributed to make it successful over the years.
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