Geoplast: the revolution of reusable formwork

10 May 2017

Geotub, the reusable formwork for round columns by Geoplast,

has been used for  the creation of an underground car park carved into the rock, contributing to the creation of the new residential and business district going up on waterfront sites in Helsinki.

Kalasatama is one the biggest mixed-use developments in Helsinki; at just 6 minute travel time from the city centre, the property has allocated 1 000 000 m² to housing , 400 000 m²  to business premises and 45 000 m²  to services. Moreover, the estimated resident figure is projected at 25000, with the creation of 10 000 new jobs.

The car park is situated below a commercial area, the Kalasatama Towers, multi-storey towers that will house a complex of business and shopping centres;  at a depth of 30 m in respect to the road level, the underground car park will be integrated to Kalasatama Subway Station line.

Geoplast’s innovative modular formwork in ABS was selected for its light weight; the elements are easy to move and transport, even if the sites that are not easily accessible. The formwork also ensures easy handling and dismantling, with great strength and load bearing capability.

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