Pore-free flooring solutions by AcryliCon

01 April 2015

Since the 1970s, AcryliCon has been providing innovative and effective flooring solutions to multiple industry sectors throughout the world. Be it for mining, manufacturing or commercial use, AcryliCon installations share the same high levels of quality, hygiene, ease of maintenance and impressive durability.

Industrial floors are subjected to tough treatment on a daily basis. Not only should they be able to withstand decades of mechanical wear, the best floors will also retain their surface integrity and properties when exposed to reasonable thermal forces and chemical substances. AcryliCon’s superior chemical design delivers bespoke properties and superior wear resistance unmatched by traditional systems. AcryliCon floors are pore-free and fully solid offering long term protection against the ingress of chemicals, dirt and moisture and the manifestation of bacteria.

Says Dean Ashmore, Managing Director of AcryliCon SA, “At AcryliCon we maintain our quality from start to finish. Only our own highly skilled and trained staff are permitted to install an AcryliCon floor. So along with our warranty of up to 10 years – our clients enjoy the assurance that there will be no claims of split responsibilities.”

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